Monday, April 25, 2016

We Are Going To Tip Over-Camping with Twins, Triplets and A Single

I tried to ignore my thoughts and just fall into a deep sleep but it just wasn't happening.  The wind would come in and ramp up slowly but very loud.  I felt like I was laying there counting the seconds until it would max out.  Almost like when you were a kid and you counted the time between the thunder and the lightning.  Once the gales got strong it was slowly die back down and then the trees would quiet for a small moment and then the process would begin again.  Over and over all night long.  I kept thinking, " we are going to tip over".  My first mistake was opening up the weather apps throughout the day.  "Winds up to 50 miles and hour expected this evening". 

We were spending the day at the Smithsonian Zoo that day in Washington DC.  This was a sort of last minute trip for us.  We decided a month or so before spring break that we would do another camping road trip.  We reserved the pop up camper and fortunately the campgrounds were full of vacancies.  We sort of repeated the preparation of the our August trip out west and headed the other direction for a much shorter drive.  This trip took us about 9 hours to get there and we were able to set up camp for 7 nights and not have to move around.  We stayed just 15 miles from the Capital and enjoyed our little campsite with minimal campers around and lots to do for the kids.  It was a very densely wooded campground that provided us with electricity and by the end of the week we had used up a tank and a half of propane keeping us warm at night.

We took a risk with the weather and it was probably the coldest April that Washington DC has had in years.  We hit 32 degrees and below at least 3 nights and probably averaged between 40-50 degrees for the week.  I slept in my 3 layers and a coat most nights.  The kids didn't notice the cold at all and seemed to love all of it.  I was putting the layers on at night and all the boys were whipping the clothes off to sleep in their underwear even on the coldest nights.  

We enjoyed the sights and I believe we hit all of the "must see" tourist recommendations with reason to come back to see more.  Museums, The monuments, The White House, Arlington National Cemetary,  GeorgeTown University, Naval Academy to name a few.

The evenings of rain afforded us to visit to a family favorite..Dave and Busters.  Several bitter cold mornings made us by pass the typical breakfast at the picnic table with the little propane tank and paper bowls and take on a luxurious approach...the local diner.   Another 9 days of no TV and minimal internet connections rounded out our Spring Break for 2016.

On our way home we made a small detail and ended up visiting the grave of David's great great grandfather in Shelby, Ohio.  We also drove by the old homestead.  The kids jumped out and ran around the cemetery and quickly located Peter Mott 1827-1862.  Everyone received a short genealogy lesson and we moved on.

The night that left me tired and thinking we were going to tip over ended and we never tipped over.  I spent the night thinking and planning in my head what we would do if we tipped over.  My thought process, looking back was not completely reasonable but in between sleep and dreams it seemed very real and reasonable.    I should grab the keys to the vehicle and keep them in my pocket so that when we tip over and it is dark we can at least get in the vehicle and leave.  Oh wait, I should have my purse next to me too.  We wont get hurt if tip over because it is not a big fall but ......It will make a huge mess.  Should I get the kids to put their clothes on so that they don't have to jump in the vehicle in their underwear.  I mean if we tip over everything will be everywhere and I will have no way of finding stuff.  

That was the longest night of the trip and I guess this is what being a mom is all about....worrying and praying all would be well....and it was.