Monday, June 27, 2016

Pack .. Unpack .. And Repack!

We are in full swing and we have started our marathon.  School is out and we are settling into our routine and I am wiped out.  "Are these really the first signs of aging?" I ask myself.  I like to stay busy and keep the kids busy but by 9pm or so I am tired.  Tired of what you ask.  Tired of "hurry up and wait".  Tired of trying to be one step ahead of my crew and anticipating their next move.  They are little beings with endless amounts of energy and they crave more.  When the temperature soars to the mid 80's and I am outside for 8+ hours I have completely zapped all of my circuits.  I sit in the shade most of the time and yet I still seem to get more sun that I want.  The kids are in some sort of water everyday so my towel and swim suit laundry pile is big.  Lake to pool.....pool to lake.....

I really don't cook much these days.  Lots of portable sandwiches and wraps.  Chicken breasts are cooked in advance and available for quick heat up.  Large bags of frozen berries for smoothies fill my freezer.  Popcorn has been a favorite dinner option and I am agreeing with most everything.  These are the days though right?  The days that I will look back on and will quickly forget the tired but remember how we were on the go and lots of laughter.

Mondays are our catch up day.  A day of laundry, sleeping in and chores.  I schedule these carefully as I really can only count on 1 day a week to do all of my home chores.  I also find myself living out of bags.  My husband always has a look for me when I pull out a bag he claims he hasn't seen.  Does he not realize that I am living out of bags and I need all sizes depending on my activities.  Here is how it really goes down.

I keep a bag in my car full of a spare set of clothes for the littles.  I make everyone pack their own bags every morning but we will surely forget something one of these days.  The kids need to have swim gear, tennis gear and then gear for golf so they are packing several outfits daily.  It is much easier to run to the car for a collar shirt than it is to frantically run home.  I have a bag in case we go to the beach.  This bag has my stash of sunblock, band aids, hats and visors and of course....a spare set of swim suits for all.  There is another bag in the back that is full of momma stuff.  My change of clothes for when I get the opportunity to hit the gym while the littles are busy with an activity.  Ear buds, tennis shoes and socks finish up that bag.  Last is the bag for the hubby.  I am ready for the late afternoon call from the hubs when he may want to swing by but wants a suit or a change of clothes.  Yep don't worry ...that bag is in the back too.  So maybe just maybe it is ok for me to have a fun selection of bags since I am the packer of the family.  Hey ...It used to be even worse.  I had a porta potty in the back for years.  I was ready for anything.  We could stop and go on demand.  Laugh..laugh some more but with 6 children..some one always has to go big bathroom..always.

By the time we get home at night everyone has thrown wet towels into various bags and there are wet suits stuck in the corners and it is not until I tell everyone do they pull out the rotten, smelly towels and we start yet another laundry pile.  The system is very simple .. Pack...unpack and repack.


mustbepositive said...

Exhaustion sets in!!! I so love the posts, but I need a nap when I see what you do in a day! Thank goodness I can hear the pride and laughter in your blog or I would REALLY worry! Enjoy it all, kid!!

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