Sunday, August 21, 2016

High School..Middle School and Elementary School..Uncharted Territory

It has been awhile and boy have I been busy.  Tomorrow we become parents of a couple of Freshman in high school.  If you have been through it than you probably sit back, snicker and think no big deal and if you haven't been through this than you probably don't really care because it is not your time.  I didn't pay much attention myself before now because it really didn't affect me.  Well here we are and today it does affect me.

Some could call these past several days a full time job.  I have been loading ibooks onto school issued ipads, reading up on etext books and figuring out how to keep everyone in our family on an apple family share plan.  We finally got the boys iphones and that was a feat within itself.  I spent, what I thought was a long time, on the phone with verizon setting up new accounts and deciding between plans, data and type of phones.  So many questions to ask and so many fees and programs.  We were the hold outs as far as iphones go and I don't really know why we held out so long but I think it came down to several factors for us. They each had an itouch and today nearly everywhere they went they had internet so I could get in touch with them and they could easily contact me. I didn't always like they way they contacted me though.  I was never able to blow up their phone with calls on an itouch.  I would send texts and hoped they would eventually answer me.   Secondly is the monthly cost.  They will now each pay 40.00 per month for their phones and will continue to babysit for us when needed.  This was part of the deal and they were on board.  I must say that Eamon did hesitate a bit at first because of the monthly commitment that he was getting into. He considered a flip phone to cut down on the cost.  I love that he thought about it in his head before committing.  I enjoy being able to call them at anytime but I don't think they have called anyone other than their Dad so far.  

School supply shopping this year was quite the site.  We checked the sale ads and decided we wanted to go to Target for as many cheap items as we could and then we would finish up our search at Walmart.  The older ones requested this path as they wanted some more specialty items that Target offered and Walmart did not.  Anything that was off the supply list and not on sale was an item that they would pay half.  Eamon set up his world with certain binders he felt would keep him organized.  He has put some thought into it before we went.  Liam bought into some of what Eamon was getting but he was more of basic buys.  Mairin was all about the look and color of the notebooks and folders.  She was into the accessories more than any of them.  The trips were just happy to be there and threw whatever I told them into the cart.  "Declan we need 30 folders ok and 6 need to be red, 6 yellow, 6 blue etc".  I had a purse full of crumpled up supply lists that we had used to compile our full cart and I hope that we got it all.  That was hard work so we treated ourselves to lunch a Red Robin for such an accomplishment.

We are also moving our new Freshman from a public school to a private school and this has brought on a whole new set of rules that I need to dive into.  I ended up going into their rooms last week and asking the family to leave me alone in there for the afternoon.  It was time to pull everything out and see what fits and what doesn't.  I will not be ironing everyday so I insist we have at least 10 dress shirts to get us through the week.  Luckily I had my wits about me in May when all the uniform clothes went on clearance and I stocked up.  No iron shirts please....I will take a dozen.  Belts...Can I have 2 brown and 2 black.  Pants...time to pull out the khakis that have been shoved so nicely to the back of the closet.  We have gone from wearing them as our Sunday best to becoming a staple of their daily wardrobe.  I called the boys up to try on several pairs for me and then immediately sent them out so I could get back to my mass organizing.  Three hours, 2 garbage bags full of salvation army donations and 1 bag of garbage and they were organized, stocked and ready for school.  The anticipating of my boys coming down in the mornings with ties, button down shirts and khakis does make me smile.

Mairin decided to do some organizing herself these past several weeks.  It is almost like she went from little girl to young lady overnight.  She is asking persistently for new wall paint.  She is done with pink and green and has picked out a very light grey.  She parted with her stuffed animals and everything else that was little girl.  She organized her drawers and literally had 4 large bags ready for Salvation Army.  She wanted her chandelier replaced with a normal ceiling light and she wants new bedding that is just plain white.  Who is this girl?  This is going to look like an adult room.  She doesn't ask for much so I will go ahead and make it happen. 

The biggest happenings for the triplets this year is the possibility of them being split up.  I'm going out on a limb here and willing to try this.  We have yet to receive our class lists so I don't know what the end result will be but my guess is that they will be in different classes.  Think about the amount of educators the 6 Mott children will come into contact with on a daily basis?  I honestly wonder how I will keep myself organized.  3 schools, 6 little people, 3 cafeterias, 6 emergency cards and lots and lots of patience and lots of writing things down.  Oh and lets end this with ....the older 2 no longer have a bus to take and the husband starts a new job on September 1 that will require more travel and more often.  Pray for me! 


grace said...
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April Miami said...

I do remember the first day of 9th grade for my triplets. Each one decided to attend a different magnate school in Miami. So when people learn of this, there question is "how are you in three places at once?" I can say I'm always amazed at this question that is asked with a look of incredulity! As a side note, I work full-time but here is my answer, "I drop everyone off at "x" metro station and they each go their separate ways." My daughter only went two stops north and then walked to her high school, One son went two stops south and walked to his high school and the second son went several stops south to a main hub where he transferred to a bus and then walked to his school (a one and a half hour commute in the morning and two hours return). The shocked look from the parent slowly fades but these are the moments enjoy. This year all three went to college so that I can say has been an adjustment for me. All three live on campus so "yes" I am an empty nester and that quiet can be deafening. One plus to them going to college, I don't have to get up at 5am to have them all at the metro by 6am! I get one extra hour of sleep.

My hats off to you with twins, a singleton then triplets! My two words of advice for all parents of multiples: 1) save money as soon as you can for the 529 or if your in a state like FL for prepaid, 2) scholarships, scholarships and scholarships! Then Breathe.....

Happy Day!