Friday, September 30, 2016

Twins, Triplets and A Single...Driving and Forgetting

That moment when.....

You just dropped off a random child and you are driving along but there is a lot going on in your head.  You are actually scheduling in your head and almost taking inventory of everything as you are driving.  Those are the moments when you pull into your driveway and you don't remember the drive.  Not because you were texting or even calling anyone but because the route you travel is so mundane and so routine that your wheel takes over making it automatic.  The sudden shiver that goes through your body as you remember that orthodontic appointment.  "Did I miss it"?  I shiver for a few more seconds and then realize ...oh that is next week.  It is only moments later when the shiver returns and I realize that I forgot to send in money for the field trip.  I think the shiver is adrenaline and then at that moment I start analysing how crazy my body is and how a thought can trigger a full body reaction.  I dwell on that for awhile and then I seem to snap back to recognize my surroundings and realize that I was going to run an errand but missed the turn so heck I will just go home and hit it up later.  This sums up my life in a nut shell during the 1st month of school.  A constant shiver and constant referrals back to my calendar.

I have decided to keep a small note pad in my car.  I can jot a note as I think of it.  I for sure spend enough time in my car to solve the worlds problems driving in circles picking up and dropping off.

The husband has been gone for 2.5 weeks and with his return last night I must say I need to again adjust to now....a different schedule.  The school year is now beginning for me.  I have all my little ducks in a row and the daddy duck is back in action.

So here's to all the mom's out there who work inside the home and out.  We work endlessly to keep the ball rolling, the house rockin, the children alive and the husbands happy.  We rock!

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