Friday, February 10, 2017

Enjoying Small Moments

I have never been one to stop long enough to smell the roses.  Everything is never done.  The house is never clean enough,  the laundry is never all done and the kitchen is rarely perfectly clean.  I have been trying to slow down and enjoy the moments when I can.  I have discovered that the older my children get the more emotional I have become.  My brother-in-laws always think I am without much emotion at times but I have to tell you that tears come much faster than they ever used to.  A sappy commercial or just hearing Finn tell me that he loves me more than I could ever love him is enough to choke up.  Eamon and Liam are freshman in high school and seeing them as men can send me into a cheek biting frenzy at times.  I bite the side of my cheek whenever I feel the quiver of my chin come and the possibility of tears.   A wedding..forget it...Standing there and the music starts, everyone stands up...I'm done and the biting starts.  A funeral is always hard but as I get older I notice everyone else and how people deal with grief. Seeing others sad often makes it hard for me to keep it together.   

I'm ok with the house not being perfect as long as I have some time to give hugs and kisses.  Colin likes a long morning hug and Finn likes to kiss me on my forehead as he heads out the door to school.  Declan will always yell, "hope you have a better day that I do mom".  Mairin is mostly smiles and will always kiss me and tell me some sort of story from her day.  Eamon and Liam...well they are getting older so when I pick them up from school I say it is an electronic free ride home and they have to tell me about their day.  You go from the little ones who don't stop talking to the older ones where you have to bribe with food or activities to get them to really talk.  

The moments are endless and I am taking them all in. 

* A pan of the ultimate brownies ready for them when they get home gives me joy.  
* Getting a call from that amazing fellow hockey mom saying she has a bag for you full of hand me      down gear makes my heart happy.
* My husband being gone on a  work trip and returning home makes me realize how crazy I am for        him
* A call from a friend to take a walk in the morning to catch up makes me smile
* Going up in Eamon's room in the evening when he is loaded with homework and laying on his bed      just to have a 10 min chat about life and how he is doing.
*  Trying to pin Liam down on the floor just to see if mom can still hold him down (barely anymore       and all the kids join in and beat up on Liam)
* Catching David doing an impromptu math lesson at the table "get me a piece of paper" and you           know he is drawing something out to help explain something for the trips.
*  The whole family sitting around the kitchen table for dinner and realizing they are all mine...all of        them.
*Going to mass on Sunday and taking up an entire row and watching people count all of us out of the    corner of my eye.
* Looking out the window on a cold night and seeing steam rising from the hot tub and seeing Eamon    and Liam sitting, chilling and just chatting.  Having no idea what they are talking about but they are      talking. friends..confidants and so much more.
* Getting mad at Declan and hearing him honestly say, "mom I forgot to remember".  

Blessed and Living It..Everyday!

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Scott and Jen said...

As always, you've got it all together, but most of all, it's done with LOVE at the very top of that list. Very inspiring and real.