Monday, April 24, 2017

The Remnants of "I'm Bored"

The Monday morning shuffle begins and while I am in between batches of children getting ready and getting out the door I come across all the piles of the "I'm Bored" moments of the weekend.  This time I grabbed my phone to capture the piles of creativity.

I have become accustomed and very comfortable with the typical comment of "I'm bored".   Every mom I think can relate to this.  It is when they come inside and throw their lifeless bodies on the kitchen floor or across the table and take the deep breath, sigh with what sounds like exhaustion and use the phrase."mom..I'm so bored".  The voice even takes on a tone of pain or discomfort.  Such a painful feeling for a young, over entertained 8 year old (insert lots of sarcasm here).  I have used many responses over the years to combat this comment.  I offer toilet cleaning or bedroom clean up as an alternative and never get a response that is positive.  I used to get mad at the phase as it made me think of spoiled, over indulged children who were somehow ungrateful for all that I do for them.  I still think of that but I also take some responsibility for the phrase.  I am the one who keeps their schedules busy with sports or activities.  I am the enabler of play dates, outings and places to go.  I have finally become comfortable with boredom and I think it is a good thing.  My approach has completely changed as batch #3 of little people are making their way.

I would be lying if I didn't admit that I look forward to the phrase now.  When I hear this phrase now it takes on a whole new meaning to me.  It means that the kids have been home long enough to where they are free enough to have to dig inside their little bodies and come up with something to do on their own.  There are no orders being barked at them to change their clothes, do their homework or time for...something.  No adult to facilitate a craft or activity and no electronic to keep them in a coma state on the couch.  It has taken some practice on both of our parts but the results have been all that I have wanted and more.  It is also a time for me to work in the kitchen and get some of my stuff done.  Days like these require very minimal from me.  I provide light snacks at the kitchen table per their request as they transition from idea to idea.  I also am the monitor of the electronics and make sure they stay at 100% charge (aka..not used) I do not participate in any of the play as this is all about them and what they decide to do to keep them busy.

All of my amazon deliveries come in all sizes of boxes and they are a hot commodity during the "I'm Bored" time.  I find a pile of box pieces, scissors, glue and tape and markers in different rooms of the house.  They made a shadowbox type creation of their own hockey rink the other day.  I love the tape on the carpet floor in the basement to show the goalie area or the tape paths that make their roads to play with their cars.  The tape belongs to their older brothers for taping hockey sticks but I am willing to purchase more for their creativity.  They spend time in the bathroom trying to float their handmade boat creations that they make out of straws and duct tape.  Yes I will buy more duct tape for this kind of work too.  They will pull out the old trucks and take them outside and build ramps in the dirt.  Not even a sand box but just an area with no grass.  I head into the woods to get a picture of the campfire they made all with places to sit.  This is a direct copy of the big fire pit in the yard but it is the one that they made.  There are piles of stuff in the woods that include some trash or bushes, sticks and stuff from the garage that they have collected and made into a so called fort.  They tell me about how high they go up the trees deeper in the woods and how they climb across a board and it protects them from the animals in the forest.  I think...sweet keep creating.  They ask to go out into the forest when it is raining.  Yep ..go ahead and have fun.

This will not last long as they will soon grow out of some of this creativity but until then I will continue to rub my hands together and hope for my new favorite phrase of "I'm Bored".

Trucks and Ramps

Collection of Stuff for a fort

The firepit with seating for friends

The goalie area for mini sticks

Boxes ready for a creation

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