Monday, April 3, 2017

Twins..a Single and Then Holy Triplets!!!!!!

Long ago are the days where the hours go by slow and the feeling that the dinner hour will never end and bedtime seems so so far away.  The whining and the crying from a cranky toddler because a nap that was cut short due to the Fed Ex man ringing the doorbell.   The endless time spent cleaning up small toys and putting puzzle pieces in their spots and the endless sorting of games that all have the wrong parts in them.  I always say, the bigger the kid...the bigger the problems.

We spent this past week with what I would call a pause week.  The week that happens only in the spring for us when the sport season ends and the gap before the the next one starts.  I made dinner all week and none of the meals had to be mobile friendly.  No wraps or buns required.  The kids spent some time playing outside and I was able to spend my evenings at home rather than in my car.

I feel like I am in constant alert mode.  Always asking myself if I have forgotten anything.  I will often wake up in the morning with the same reoccurring dream.  It is mostly a dream that makes me wake up thinking I was supposed to be taking some sort of pill everyday and I keep forgetting to take it.  I parlay that dream into my life and my sub conscious thinking I am forgetting something.  I spend my spare moments scrolling through my google calendar looking at the upcoming activities.  I will often look ahead far enough to find an evening that has nothing listed.  Maybe a date night or a time to make a call to that couple that we haven't gotten together with in awhile.

This week brings a spring break for half of the bunch and then we will proceed full speed into spring chaos.  The triplets minus 1 are playing hockey.  Finn retired his career in hockey after this past season.  He would rather play with Lego's and build stuff.  Colin and Declan are full speed ahead and are doing the spring league with Birmingham.  The triplets (all 3) are also participating in baseball.  They are on a team with many of their school friends and I think this season will prove to be fun for both kids and parents.  Mairin has ventured out and is trying out track.  We get up extra early every morning to get her to practice by 6:45am.  Spring swim tune up will round out her activities.  Eamon and Liam are attempting to fit in some hockey conditioning and we received word last week that they made the Brother Rice golf team.  Never a dull moment over here.  Oh and did I mention that David will be visiting Europe, Mexico and China in the next 8 weeks as well for work.  My biggest panic is the driving.  I am in the process of hiring a driver to help me out with getting everyone where they need to be for the next 8 weeks.

Amongst the chaos and the crazy schedules we found ourselves with a Saturday with nothing on the calendar.  We spent the day working in the yard, golfing and out to dinner as a family.  Cherished moments of course.  The putting green was taken over by Mott's......

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