Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Twins,Triplets and A Single Take West Point, NY

1700 miles round trip and a sweet experience was had by all.  We blew out of Metro Detroit after school on Wednesday to make our trek to see our nephew/cousin, Michael Mott graduate from West Point Military Academy.   We went via Canada so that we could add a stop in Niagara Falls.  We spent our first night in Niagara Falls only to wake up to pouring rain and cold so we completely bailed on our plans to ride the Maid of the Mist and get the up close and personal view of the falls.  It was another 7 hour drive to get us to the Westchester Marriott in Terrytown, NY where we would check in for the weekend.  We got 2 adjoining rooms and the kids were in heaven.  They spent endless hours in the pool and ate the Marriott out of every plate of sweet treats that they would set out for guests.  The adults congregated poolside or the lobby where we filled it with Mott's and conversation.  

We decided that being so close to New York we had to hit the city.  A 40 min train ride into Grand Central Station was fun.  Finding the subway line that would take us to Battery Park for a boat tour of the Statue of Liberty.  We swung by the 9/11 Memorial and wanted to go into the actual museum but it just wasn't going to work.  The day was fleeting fast so we had to dredge on.  We detoured Canal Street where I thought I might fall prey to something counterfeit but nothing blew my socks off.  We headed back up to Central Park where the kids wanted to play and climb on rocks.  A train ride home and kids were ready to swim and we were ready for a cocktail .... 15,000 steps for the day made a drink ok.

 The Cost for a Day in NYC for 8
The underground world
-12.00 to park at the train station

-105.00 Train ride into the city
- 48.00 in Subway fare for 8
-155.00 for lunch in lower Manhattan (TGI Fridays)
-30.00 for an ice cream break mid day
- 90.00 for tickets to ride a boat to see Statue of Liberty
-Sales Pitch for carriage rides through Central Park for 180.00 but Dave Mott was not falling for it.

Saturday was graduation day and required all of us to be up and out the door by 7 am to secure our places on campus for the big day.  Graduation promptly at 10 am and by 11:30 am we were on the field greeting Michael and congratulating him.  One of the West Point traditions is for the kids to line up and after the cadets throw their hats the kids run to collect them as their souvenirs.  The cadets often put money and notes in the hats.  David took the triplets down early and they all scored a hat. 2 of the hats had 20.00 and Colin got a note and 5.00.  

A campus walk with Dad

Enjoying the cool campus

The Triplets couldn't get enough of cousin Michael

 Pinning Ceremony

Last Picture with The Hudson River in the back

It was just 10 years prior that we came to West Point for yet another Mott.  Kevin Mott graduated in 2007 and with a little uniform differences everything else seemed to be the same.  What an honor it was for us to attend yet again for another Mott.
Kevin Mott with his parents - Kevin and Kathy Mott

We all enjoyed a big pizza party that evening after all the graduation activities were complete and the Mott's all slowly checked out the next day and headed back home.  

We were one of the only ones who drove so we began our 7 hour drive back through Canada with a stop in Niagara Falls. 

Another Mott Family Adventure in the books.
Spring 2017


Sheila Camp said...

Educational and inspirational. Faith in our country's future is bolstered by the Mott children!

Obat Kanker Usus said...
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Ann Y said...

I just read your trip to West Point and NYC. I'm sorry no one told you it's cheaper to drive directly into the city than train and subway. Even paying to park would have been cheaper. For future in case you get to go again, the Staten Island Ferry is free. There is a woman who blogg ( now living in Colorado but was a New Yorker for years and she has such great information about the free things that can be done to see lots of things in the city. She will even help you if your interested in contacting her. With so many family members that's a big issue -- cost. I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful family trip and I love reading about your adventures. My family is all grown up but we didn't do as many things with our kids as we would have liked until they were teens.